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- FAQ -

Q: Do I have to win my class to receive the $1,000 award?
A: No. Example: If you happen to place 3rd in your class, and the two barrows that place ahead of you were purchased from a breeder outside of the state of Indiana, or from an Indiana breeder that did NOT enroll in the C.I.B program, then you are officially the highest placing C.I.B barrow in that class, and thus you win the $1,000 reward.

Q: Why does this program only include purebred barrows, and doesn’t offer awards for the purebred gilts?
A: Since this is the first year for the program, the committee thought that would be the best and most efficient way launch a program of this nature. For example, the registration paper will allow for easy verification protocols, historically there has been fewer purebred barrow classes than gilt classes at the state fair and thus it would be easier to fund this program in its initial year, and this particular approach will allow the program to coexist with the state fair show and won’t create any conflicts with the proposed state fair schedule.

Q: Does this program have anything to do with the new proposed schedule and “splitting” of the barrow and gilt shows at state fair?
A: NO. The state fair and its officials made the decision to split the barrows and gilts at state fair, long before this particular program was ever created. With that being said, the C.I.B. board thought that the additional pens and space at the state fair created new opportunities to increase awareness of and participation at the state fair, and with that, this program was created to give MANY new opportunities to exhibitors and families that previously weren’t available, and at the same time, provide a new marketing opportunity for purebred swine breeders.

Q: Is it mandatory that a breeder or exhibitor participate in this program?
A: Absolutely not. This is a voluntary program. If you as a breeder choose not to enroll in the program, you are unaffected and can continue to market your pigs and attend the state fair in the same manner as you did last year. As an exhibitor, if you decide to not purchase a pig from a breeder in the C.I.B program, your state fair experience will not be any different than it was last year. You will participate and be entitled to all of the opportunities that will be offered to you by the state fair.

Q: Where does all of the money go for this program?
A: The C.I.B program is a registered 501C-3 Non-profit program. In establishing and orchestrating this program, the board does incur expenses related to record keeping, marketing, and licensing and some revenue will be used to cover expenses associated with operations. However, outside of operating expenses, 100% of the revenue generated is dedicated to the recognition of exhibitors and Indiana breeders that are enrolled in the C.I.B. program. The board members of the C.I.B. program are NOT compensated in any way for their efforts.

Q: What will the board do with any extra money that is raised?
A: After all awards, prizes, and expenses are accounted for and distributed, should there be funds remaining in the account, 100% of those proceeds will remain in that account and used to make the C.I.B program and state fair experience the best ever!

Q: Has the C.I.B board been in discussions with the state fair about this program?
A: Yes. The C.I.B board has and will continue to have conversations with representatives from the Indiana state fair both in person and via phone calls, and the state fair has been very supportive of this program.

Q: If I’m an exhibitor, how do I know if my pigs will qualify for the C.I.B. program?
A: Prior to purchasing your pigs, ask your breeder if he or she is enrolled in the C.I.B program. If the breeder has enrolled, they should have access to a logo and marketing materials that only C.I.B. participants have access to. Additionally, a list of all enrolled breeders and programs can be found on the website: www.indianabred.com

Q: What is the purpose of this program?
A: The Indiana state fair, and specifically it’s junior swine show, for years has been recognized as one of the most prestigious state fairs in America. It is in the opinion of the C.I.B. board members, the majority of Indiana breeders that we have talked with, and potential state fair exhibitors, that this program can accomplish many goals, including, creating a more enjoyable state fair experience for many exhibitors, bring more awareness and participation to the Indiana state fair, assist Indiana swine breeders in marketing their purebred offspring, and collectively solidify the Indiana state fair as the premier swine event in the entire Midwest

Q: Will you consider adding gilts to the program next year?
A: It is the intentions of the C.I.B board to sit down after the state fair and evaluate the entire C.I.B program and explore any and all ideas, in order to continue to create and maximize the opportunities for junior members and breeders to have the most enjoyable state fair experience. With that, we have already received some great ideas and suggestions and we will continue to work with exhibitors, breeders, and leaders of the Indiana state fair to improve the C.I.B program and increase participation in the junior swine shows.





The goal is to provide added opportunities for Indiana EXHIBITORS, BREEDERS, and PUREBREDS.

$1000 will be awarded in EVERY purebred barrow class for the HIGHEST PLACING CERTIFIED INDIANA BRED barrow.  The future goal will be to do this for every class of barrows and gilts.  By doing this we will accomplish several positive changes:

  1. More exhibitors can get a “big win” at the State Fair.
  2. More exhibitors will come to the State Fair.
  3. More pure barrows will be exhibited at the State Fair.
  4. More pure barrows will be purchased for the State Fair.
  5. More pure litters will be bred for the State Fair.
  6. More pure stock will be purchased at the breed shows at the State Fair.
  7. More marketing opportunities for everyone involved in the industry.

- Every breeder in Indiana can participate in the program but no breeder is required to.

- To qualify your herd, simply log onto the website (www.indianabred.com) and provide the required information.

- THE FEE TO ENROLL IS $500.  Multiple herd marks are eligible for a breeder, however the address must be the same.  IE the NSR and CPS herd marks can be different or Farm Name, Individual, or Junior members can all be qualified with one $500 enrollment.

- Enrollment will be open from December 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017. On Feb 1, an official list of participating breeders will be posted.

- Once signed up, each breeder will receive an official CERTIFIED INDIANA BRED logo to use in promotions. 

- Every exhibitor in Indiana can participate in the program but no exhibitor is required to.

- To participate, you must exhibit a CERTIFIED INDIANA BRED purebred barrow.

  1. Purchase a qualified barrow from qualified breeder.
  2. Raise a purebred barrow that you BRED, having signed up as a breeder. If you are the breeder, you MUST go to (www.indianabred.com), provide the required information, and pay your $500 enrollment fee.


Class 1 – A CERTIFIED INDIANA BRED pure barrow wins the class – Exhibitor wins $1000.

Class 2 –An Ohio bred pig wins class, CERTIFIED INDIANA BRED pure barrow places 2nd – The CERTIFIED INDIANA BRED pure barrow that placed 2nd wins $1000.

Class 3 – Ohio bred pig wins a class, a pig from an Indiana breeder places 2nd (but breeder is NOT CERTIFIED), and a CERTIFIED INDIANA BRED pig places 3rd – The 3rd place barrow wins the $1,000 because he is the highest placing Certified Indiana Bred qualifier.

BRED GILTS – Offspring from Bred Gilts conceived at an Indiana breeder farm are eligible as long as the gilt is purchased by an Indiana firm and the bred gilt is farrowed in Indiana. The purchaser is required to pay the $500 enrollment fee to make them a certified breeder.




The Certified Indiana Bred, Inc. program recognizes the nature of partnerships within the purebred swine breeder network. For purebred barrows to be certified and eligible for awards at the Indiana State Fair 4-H show, the Indiana address submitted upon enrollment into the Certified Indiana Bred, Inc. program by the breeder must match the breeder address on the 4-H exhibitor's barrow registration paper upon check in at the state fair.  Each breeder enrollment is allotted one Indiana address, and multiple herdmarks matching that Indiana address.  The Indiana address and herdmark recognized by the breed association will certify the purebred swine are bred in Indiana.  Breeders with multiple partnerships and subsequently have multiple Indiana addresses will need to submit additional enrollments for each additional Indiana address and corresponding herdmark. Certified Indiana Bred, Inc. will verify with relevant breed associations the Indiana address with each enrollment.

Certified Indiana Bred, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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