Certified Indiana Bred
Certified Indiana Bred
Cerified Indiana Bred

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Board Members
Mike Jackson - (317) 694-5666
Rex Smith - (317) 557-4628
Chad Martin - (765) 586-0860


The Certified Indiana Bred, Inc. program recognizes the nature of partnerships within the purebred swine breeder network. For purebred barrows to be certified and eligible for awards, the Indiana address submitted upon enrollment into the Certified Indiana Bred, Inc. program by the breeder must match the breeder address on the 4-H exhibitor's barrow registration paper upon check in.  Each breeder enrollment is allotted one Indiana address, and multiple herdmarks matching that Indiana address.  The Indiana address and herdmark recognized by the breed association will certify the purebred swine are bred in Indiana.  Breeders with multiple partnerships and subsequently have multiple Indiana addresses will need to submit additional enrollments for each additional Indiana address and corresponding herdmark. Certified Indiana Bred, Inc. will verify with relevant breed associations the Indiana address with each enrollment.

Certified Indiana Bred, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

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